You’ve got: an excess of information.

I deliver: crisp, attention-grabbing marketing messages.

I help my clients:

  1. Identify the business message they want to get out
  2. Identify the audience they want to get it to
  3. Articulate the message, clearly and compellingly.

The first step, the identifying, is often undervalued. But it’s the most important. Once you have identified the message that resonates with your readers, the one that addresses the issues they care about, you’re off to the races. Conversely, an expert delivery of the wrong message will do your business no favours – it’s an expensive waste of time.

The foundation for good business writing is ruthless culling. I zone in on key ideas, eject the rest, and leave you with a clear resonant message. My style is direct, concise, refreshing, and powerful.

If you are part of a small-medium growing business and you’re passionate about what you do, we’re likely to be a good fit. I often work with innovators. I invariably serve two masters: you, and your readers.

Click here for my assessment quiz. I guarantee it’ll move you forward in your search for the right writer.






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