You’ve got: an excess of information.

I deliver: crisp, attention-grabbing marketing messages.

You have all kinds of past marketing materials, plans, and hopes. You know, somewhat, what you want to say, and to whom. You just can’t figure out how. I solve that.

Hello. I’m Marcia. I write business-to-business messages that catch the attention of your target audience.


Here’s the short version. I absorb. Next, decide what matters most/the priority/what we hang our hat on. Jettison most of the rest. Then express the message (through website copy/white paper/email/you get the idea) clearly and cleanly. In the way only a senior, savvy, brevity-fanatic can.

My style is direct, concise, refreshing, and powerful. Typically, I work with small-medium growing businesses, often innovators. I invariably serve two masters: you, and your readers. You’ll find it makes a big difference.

Click here for my assessment quiz. I guarantee it’ll move you forward in your search for the right writer.






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